Our Mission is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage of cost reduction through choice,
innovation and efficiency.

About Us

Zulu Global was founded on the commitment of helping suppliers and customers alike to streamline their processes, reduce their costs and add value to the industry as a whole.

Zulu Global is comprised of a team with decades of industry experience, with the capability and readiness to provide a safe zone for the aviation industry stakeholders to conduct business with transparency and agility.

Our Business

Zulu Global exists with the purpose of adding value to its Members by implementing approved Alternate Sourcing Methods with the overarching objective of creating significant cost savings for them. In partnership with Zulu Global’s associate companies, Members will have an array of options for their sourcing needs: OEM, PMAs, DERs and Owner Operator Approved Parts. Zulu Global also offers Repairs and Purchasing services as well as AOG and Planned requirements on parts and components.

Zulu Global aims to be a strategic partner to its Members, making their business more productive and profitable.  The success of Zulu Global depends on the success of its Members. We are committed to providing the most efficient system for the trade of aviation parts with added great savings, in addition to other services.